Asian New Bay Area in Kaohsiung

The Rising Power of Asia

Ports are symbols of a nation’s competitiveness! Our port is also the lifeline of Kaohsiung’s development. In the past, the Port of Kaohsiung was used for stevedoring. As ships have grown larger and the economy has transformed, commercial port functiona lity has gradually moved southward. The land made available by the urban harbor has created key opportunities for the redevelopment of the Port of Kaohsiung. It also provides opportunities for us to consider urban transformation! Kaohsiung is transforming! This city was formerly centered on heavy industry. Today, a diverse variety of industries has developed. We are investing resources into the Port of Kaohsiung to enhance its infrastructure and public works, transforming it into a new Asian bay area. A number of recreational. cultural. and industrial faci lities are set to be completed in 2016, launching a new wave of creative, tourist, commercial, service, and industrial development. We hope that Kaohsiung can transform into a window for the economy of southern Taiwan, improving Kaohsiung’s international competitiveness. Kaohsiung is a convention center for Taiwan and even the Asia-Pacific region as a whole! During the 2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit. the heads of 104 cities around the world gathered in Kaohsiung. The city attracted a total of 160 domestic and foreign enterprises for business matchmaking. These businesses signed 27 memoranda of understanding, creating US$82.2 million in business opportunities! This had made Kaohsiung a platform for information convergence, assisting in international corporate communications. Through the Asia Pacific Cities Summit, Kaohsiung shouted to the world: "Businesses around the world, please come to Kaohsiung and allow us to accelerate and add value to your business!" We are planning directions for future development based on both industry characteristics and the geographical environment. By leading the overall development of the Port of Kaohsiung, we can join together to market our exceptional human knowledge and technology to the entire world. We cordially invite you to get to know Kaohsiung, an ebullient Asia-Pacific city that is committed to innovation without losing sight of its traditions. Kaohsiung is definitely worth visit ing, experiencing, and investing in!


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